Tall Ships Race 2007

This year, the Tall Ships Race starts from Ã…rhus, right in from of my doorstep. On Thursday, Anders, Brix and me decided to go for a walk and see some of the ships. Alas, before they reached me, the rain had started again and it became a short, and wet, trip. Yesterday, Fin came down and we met up. The weather had cleared and turned out to be very comfortable, but cloudy evening. Lots and lots of ships, including the worlds biggest sailing boat, Kruzenshtern from Russia. On board the mexican Cuauhtemoc, they put up quite a show, and in front of it, they made some of the best chilli con carne.
Sailing throught the harbour, gave some good views. Ever seen the Ã…rhus Ã… from the other side? Hey!, that’s where I live! Max Mols is quite a mouthful from down below.
My new camera also passed the test. Over a 100 pictures within the first day. Of course, a bit of playing around with the new features as well, but it’s not everyday you get this view from your living room.

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