Monthly Archives: August 2007

81. Dry stout

2,5kg maris otter
500g flaked barley
400g roasted barley

Mash for 60 min @ 66°C
with 2ml lactic acid
6ml lactic acid in sparge water

50g East Kent Goldings (5,6%) for 60 min.

WLP002 English ale yeast
OG: 9,4 brix (1.038)
FG: 5,3 brix (1.010)

Bottled 20/10 with 103g glucose

Top-rated brewcast

Just a quick note to add some more data to Justins lies, damn lies and statistics to mention that lunch meet certainly is the #1 show amongst homebrewers between 30 and 35 years old in the eastern Jutland area in Denmark, who work at an ISP. All two of them. Listen to last weeks episode to get the joke.

The brewing network militia, blogging your life one post at a time.

80. Ordinary bitter

3,2kg Maris Otter
230g Crystal 120L
110g Special roast

2ml lactic acid + 6ml in sparge
Mash for 60min @ 67°C

50g East Kent Goldings 5,6% for 90 min
14g East Kent Goldings for 30 min
14g East Kent Goldings for 1 min.

OG: 10,0 brix (1.040)
FG: 5,5 brix (1.010)

Racked 25/8
Bottled 1/9 with 81g dextrose

New ports committer: Thomas Abthorpe

As long time contributor, clsung finally thought he sent one too many PRs and offered to punish him for it. Please welcome Thomas Abthorpe to the ranks of the ports committers!