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Month: August 2007

81. Dry stout

2,5kg maris otter
500g flaked barley
400g roasted barley

Mash for 60 min @ 66°C
with 2ml lactic acid
6ml lactic acid in sparge water

50g East Kent Goldings (5,6%) for 60 min.

WLP002 English ale yeast
OG: 9,4 brix (1.038)
FG: 5,3 brix (1.010)

Bottled 20/10 with 103g glucose

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80. Ordinary bitter

3,2kg Maris Otter
230g Crystal 120L
110g Special roast

2ml lactic acid + 6ml in sparge
Mash for 60min @ 67°C

50g East Kent Goldings 5,6% for 90 min
14g East Kent Goldings for 30 min
14g East Kent Goldings for 1 min.

OG: 10,0 brix (1.040)
FG: 5,5 brix (1.010)

Racked 25/8
Bottled 1/9 with 81g dextrose