Monthly Archives: September 2013

New PGP key

As my old PGP key has passed it’s 15th birthday and improvements in cryptology in the meantime, it is about time to roll my key.

The old key is:
pub 1024D/0xAB2F5A5B15256990 1998-07-03
Key fingerprint = FB58 9797 299A F18E 2D3E 73D6 AB2F 5A5B 1525 6990

And the new key:
pub 2048R/0x517BE614A5C1EEC7 2013-09-24 [expires: 2018-09-23]
Key fingerprint = 6AFC 44AA 53E9 82A4 4BC7 1DB7 517B E614 A5C1 EEC7

The new key is signed with the old key, so make sure to check the signatures when importing the new key. The old key will be valid for a while, but I would prefer to use the new key.