Monthly Archives: November 2010

FreeBSD Foundation End-of-Year Fundraising Campaign

While the snow falls outside and the holidays approaching fast, it is time for the FreeBSD Foundations yearly End-of-Year fundraising campaign. This year again brought an impressive list of accomplishments by the Foundation, to mention a few:

  • Provided $100,000 in grants for projects that improve FreeBSD in the areas of:
    – DTrace support
    – High availability storage
    – Enhanced SNMP reporting
    – Virtualization and resource partitioning
    – Embedded device support
    – Networking stack improvements
  • Allocated $50,000 for equipment to enhance FreeBSD project infrastructure.
  • Sponsored 8 FreeBSD related conferences.
  • Funded 16 travel grants giving increased community and developer access to conferences.
  • Provided legal support to the FreeBSD project.

We are fortunate to already have reached half of this years fund-raising goal of $350,000, so please consider a donation, no matter how large or small, to help us reach that goal and help us continue supporting the FreeBSD community through next year as well.

Read the full letter by Justin Gibbs, President of the FreeBSD Foundation.