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Cloud services

After reading Jens Rohde’s post listing all his social media and other cloud activities, I thought I’d list mine as well.

  • WordPress (self-hosted) for blog and website, and some pictures as well.
  • Apache::Gallery (self-hosted) for all kinds of pictures, though not as much recently as I’d like to.
  • Twitter: yes, I’m there (and still don’t like them for punishing me with a 6 character minimum username as a first mover).
  • Facebook: yup, there as well, but don’t expect me to read it, it’s mostly a passive account.
  • Pocket: formerly Read-It-Later, the previous name describes it pretty well; really nice iPad app.
  • Newsblur: RSS feeds after Google shut down Reader. Great iPhone/iPad apps. I looked into tt-rss several times to host myself, but last time I looked, it did have a really nice web interface and iPhone web app, but neither of those work great on the larger touch screen on an iPad. A lot of development has happened since, so this may have changed.

Let me end with a shout out to Sparkleshare. Not so much social, but added as a bonus item. While I do use Dropbox as well, mostly for sharing between computers and iPhone/iPad, Sparkleshare is built around git and is independent of where it is hosted. If you want to use a more “cloudy” service, like github, it’s supported, but you can also set up your own server and no longer be bound by space limits (except for the harddisks you buy) or depend on a 3rd party provider with a random server in a random datacenter in some random country governed by a very long EULA and thus a lot more secure for you personal, financial, or otherwise sensitive documents. Unfortunately, no phone or tablet apps. For those without an always-on server somewhere, the Bittorrent Sync, just released in alpha, might be a better alternative.

Until the cows come home

Which I’m sure they won’t be for a long time after being release into the fields for the first time after a long winter.

Welcome to Japan (while still in mainland China)


Luxury hotel amenities