Monthly Archives: September 2012

3 weeks left to Ports and Packages Summit at EuroBSDCon

With only three weeks to go, we so far have 7 people registered for the Ports and Packages Summit during the DevSummit at EuroBSDCon in Warsaw.
I’m sure that can’t be right. If you intend to come, please register (by sending an email to me) as soon as possible. If you don’t intend to come, please reconsider.

So far we have 4 main topics to discuss in 2 1,5 hour slots:
– Status of the move to subversion
– Status of the implementation and uptake of the new package tools
– Status and proposed schedule for scheduled releases of binary packages
– Quality assurance in all shapes and forms: QAT, redports, pointyhat

Please send any topics you’d like to discuss, presentations to present, and other items that should go on the schedule to me in the next week or two so I can prepare a draft agenda at least a week before.

Thank you and see you there!