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Month: April 2006

58. English Summer Ale #2

2500g Pale ale malt
1000g Cara-amber

Adjust pH with 2ml in mash and 7ml in sparge water.

Mash for 60 min. @ 73°C

50g East Kent Goldings for 60 min.
10g East Kent Goldings for 10 min.

WLP005 British Ale
OG: 9.0 brix (1.036)
FG: 6.3 brix (1.018)

Racked: April 25, 2006
Bottled: May 5, 2006 with 120g dextrose

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57. English Pale Ale

Modified from #9

5kg pale ale malt
500g Cara-hell
400g Cara-munich

Mash for 60 min. at 68°C

50g Challenger for 60 min.
35g Challenger for 30 min.
20g Challenger for 15 min.
10g Challenger for 5 min.

WLP023 Burton Ale
OG: 12.8 brix (1.052)
FG: 7.5 brix (1.016)

Bottled Maj 22nd with 120g dextrose

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Busses still on strike

I have no idea how they get away with paralysing a whole city for so long, but in the last seven days the city busses have operated only Wednesday. I don’t even quite understand what the bus drivers are angry about, so I really don’t think a week long strike is the way forward. Ironically, I bought a new buscard for the next half year starting, of course, the day the strikes started. Just my luck.
Luckily, it finally starts to get spring and I got my motorbike out of winterstorage yesterday. So no more begging for a ride or biking those 5km uphill myself :)

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City busses on strike

The city busses are really starting to piss me off. Of the 4 workdays in this week, they are now on strike for the 3rd day. Tuesday, after I came home around 1am, I just went to work normally with one of the intercity busses and only found out I couldn’t get home after I got to work. Luckily, I could get a ride from a collegue. Wednesday, everything was fine again, but yesterday I was waiting for about 10 minutes for the bus and thought it odd I had seen no city bus whatsoever. So I checked their webpage from my phone, and lo and behold, they were on strike again. A bicycle trip followed. Today, I was clever enough to check the webpage during breakfast and send a text message to a collegue. Funny thing is that the busdrivers are public servants and are actually not allowed by law to strike. And I thought that it was only in Italy where public transport was on strike every other day…

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New ports committer: Lars Balker Rasmussen

I got a new mentee. This time I was smart enough to find one in Ã…rhus, so if he makes a mistake, he can buy me beer the same night, instead of having to wait for half a year for the next conference :-)
Please welcome Lars Balker Rasmussen to the team. He has been doing way too much work on the perl Catalyst framework in our dear ports tree.

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