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89. American Wheat

3kg Pale malt
2,5kg wheat malt
800g Rye malt

Mash in @ 62°C
mash @ 69 decreasing to 65° for 60 min.
5ml lactic acid in mash, 6ml in sparge water

28g Williamette (6,6% alpha) for 60 min.
9g Williamette for 0 min.
9g Centennial for 0 min.

White Labs WLP 320 American Hefeweizen Ale yeast
OG: 1.050 (12,3 brix)
FG: 1.007 (5,9 brix)
5,6 ABV

Bottled January 12 with 115g beet sugar

New ports committer: Wesley Shields

A bit late for a Christmas present, of course completely planned so I did not have to bother giftwrapping it, Wesley Shields was punished with a ports commit bit today. Renato Botelho (garga) will be the executioner, and I’m sure he’ll think twice before saying “ni!” this time, or even try to send more patches. Good luck to the both of them!

Help a committer get away (and back)

One of our most active ports committers is in desperate need of a break, and away from human beings. Alaska doesn’t sound too bad a place for it. If you appreciate his work, please consider giving a donation to Martin Wilke to recharge his mental batteries and do even more FreeBSD work :-)

88. Raison d’Saison

5kg pilsner malt
340g Munich II
340g wheat malt
60g CaraMunich

6ml lactic acid in mash, 6ml in sparge
Mash for 60 min. @ 64°C

Pre-boil: 27L, 10,7 brix (1.043)

450g beet suger at 90 min.
90g Hallertauer (2,8% alpha) for 60 min.
21g Hallertauer for 0 min.

White Labs WLP565 Belgian Saison I
OG: 1.057 (14,0 brix)
FG: 1.011 (7,3 brix)

Bottled January 6, 2008

Ports tree unfrozen

For those who haven’t noticed the announcement on the ports mailinglist, or noticed the flood of commits that started already before the announcement, the ports tree has been thawed, with the usual restrictions (see my announcement below). Note that the first committer to break INDEX will owe all portmgrs a beer at the next BSD conference, and a carton of beer if it’s within the next 24 hours.

The ports tree is now in “thaw” state after the tree has been tagged for
the 6.3 and 7.0 releases. This means that most normal commit that
affect only _one_ port are allowed. Sweeping changes are specifically
not allowed and when in doubt, please don’t hesitate to ask portmgr.

Please also take into account that the 7.0 release won’t be for several
weeks yet, so we reallly need you all to be careful about what you
commit as we tags might need to be slipped later. Also, please contact
portmgr for any security related commits to get the tag slipped. For a
more detailed description of what is, and what is not, allowed, please

Thank you for your patience,

87. Hop Hammer

Based on the Imperial IPA recipe Hop Hammer from Jamil Zanisheff which in turn is based on Russian Rivers Pliny the Elder. I wasn’t able to get my hands on a bottle when I was in Austin, TX, so I had to brew it myself. Thanks to Vinnie Cilurzo, brewmaster at Russian River, for sharing his recipe.

7kg Pale ale malt
200g Crystal 60°L
230g Pale wheat malt

Mash in with 18L @ 60°C
60 min @ 66°C
no mash out

Boil for 90 min. volume 29L, 14,7 brix (1.060)
Add 680g glucose

50g Centennial (11,0% alpha) for 90 min
80g Nugget (10,5% alpha) for 90 min
90g Chinook (12,8% alpha) for 90 min
28g Simcoe (13,5% alpha) for 45 min
28g Nugget (10,5% alpha) for 30 min
37g Simcoe for 0 min
65g Centennial for 0 min

Dry hop December 16
44g Simcoe
50g Centennial
92g Nugget

WhiteLabs WLP001 California Ale yeast
OG: 16,5 brix (1.068)
FG: 8,5 brix (1.012)
Bottled with 130g corn sugar December 30

Mmm, hops