Monthly Archives: June 2009

108. Bavarian Weizen

2,5kg Pale malt
2,5kg pale wheat malt

Mash for 60 min @ 68°C

50g Hallertauer (2,2% alpha) for 60 min

White Labs WLP300 Hefeweizen ale yeast

OG: 1.043 (10,7°brix)
FG: 1.011 (5,9°brix)
4,3% ABV

Bottled on July 28 with 80g dextrose

107. Belgian wit

3kg pilsner malt
2kg umalted wheat
150g munich II

Mash for 90 min at 68°C with 3ml lactic acid, pH 5,6
6ml lactic acid in sparge water

100g Hallertauer (2,2% alpha) for 60 min.
10g dried orange peel for 5 min.
11g crushed coriander seed for 5 min.

White Labs Belgian Wit Ale WLP400
OG: 1.036 (9,0 brix)
FG: 1.010 (5,0 brix)
3,5% ABV

Bottled on July 18 with 84g beet sugar

Portmgr reorganization

Portmgr is happy to announce that two new members will join the team.

Martin Wilke has been one of our most active committers since receiving his commit bit today 3 years ago. He has been working in a number of subgroups including python, ports-security and the KDE team.

Ion-Mihai Tetcu has been interested in regression testing and qualitiy assurance, creating QAT automated tinderbox testing of all port commits on a per-commit basis, and adding on-the-fly feedback to the snapshot builds from the pointyhat package cluster.

Unfortunately, we will also be saying goodbye to Kirill Ponomarew, who hasn’t had much time to spend on FreeBSD and will be stepping down from portmgr.

We thank Kirill for all his contributions in the past and wish Martin and Ion-Mihai the best of luck with the new tasks bestowed upon them.

106. Rousse IPA

5,5kg pale malt
200g crystal 120°L
200g crystal 40°L
200g roasted barley

pH 5,6, 3ml lactic acid in mash, 6ml in sparge
Mash for 60 min @68°C

80g Williamette (6,6% alpha) for 60 min.
28g Centennial (11% alpha) for 10 min.
28g Simcoe (13,5% alpha) for 5 min.
41g Amarillo for 0 min.

OG: 1.053 (13,0 °brix)
FG: 1.013 (7,2 °brix)
5,3% ABV

Bottled on June 28 with 80g dextrose