Monthly Archives: November 2009

FreeBSD 8.0 released into the wild

After the final preparations have been wrapped up, FreeBSD 8.0 is a fact and ready for download or upgrade. The all the new features and improvements are too numerous to mention, ranging from networking, scalability, virtualization, wireless, ZFS to USB. See the official announcement, or even better, a comprehensive article by Remko Lodder, for more information.

112. American wheat beer

3kg pale malt
3kg wheat malt

Mash for 60 min @67°C

40g Williamette (5,2% alpha) for 60 min
9g Centennial for 0 min
9g Williamette for 0 min

White Labs WLP320 American Hefeweizen yeast
OG: 14,1°brix (1.057)
FG: 7,3°brix (1.011)
6,1% ABV

Bottled on January 10 with 90g dextrose