Back at the office

Somehow I made it to the office this morning before the canteen had opened for breakfast. Rumor has it, they were closed last week because they had found rats in the kitchen. Not a bad week to be away :)
My body, though, seems to be a bit confused as to where in the world it is right now, which isn’t too surprising after being delayed for about 33 hours, so the whole journey back from Ottawa to Ã…rhus lasted from Sunday lunchtime to Tuesday 7pm (both local times). Funny though how random strangers meet when hit by an accident like a cancelled flight and being put in an airport hotel instead. I met a couple of poles studying in Stockholm and a canadian girl on her way to southern Sudan for MSF and we quite enjoyed our time just reading books in the hotel lobby. Certainly refreshing after spending several days being locked up in conference rooms with several hundred computer geeks :-)
Anyway, back to the coffee machine and try to stay awake and maybe even do some work.

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