Monthly Archives: August 2006

63. Trippel

Based on Belgian Ale pg. 123

7kg Dragsbæk pilsner malt
800g dextrose at beginning of boil

Mash for 60 min @ 68°C
pH 5.4

68g Hallertau perle (3.9% alpha) for 60 min.
20g Fuggles (4.8% alpha) for 60 min.
15g Saaz (4.0% alpha) for 15 min.

OG: 18,5 brix (1.076)
FG: 8,6 brix (1.008)

racked 27/8
Kegged 21/9

62. Golden nugget

Belgian Golden Ale

losely based on BYO may-june 2006, pg. 19

3850g pale ale malt
450g Weyermann CaraPils
475g beet sugar

Mash for 60 min @ 69.0°C at pH 5.4 (4ml lactic acid added)

40g Fuggles for 60 min.
28g Saaz for 20 min.
28g Saaz for 0 min.

While Labs WLP500 Trappist style ale
OG: 13.4 brix (1.054)
FG: 7.2 brix (1.013)

Racked 20/8
Bottled 27/8 with 162g dextrose

Heat wave victems

The so-called heat wave the last few weeks here in Denmark, with nice comfortable temperatures of just below 30°C, has caused another couple of victems. Last Saturday, I noticed a disk began to log errors and files started to disappear. I quickly remounted the drive as read-only to save as much of the data I could and bought a new disk, which I got yesterday. After I pulled down the box from its hidingplace, it turned out it was too hot to handle. Not a good sign. It turned out that the PSU fan had stopped working and the box was completely overheated. Luckily only one disk had failed. And luck was on my side, as I have another, almost similar, computer that I almost never use. So I pulled out the PSU and replaced it and added the new disk to try to recover as much of the data of the broken disk. The result is not pretty but it works™.