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Month: March 2008

New portmgr member: Florent Thoumie

Portmgr is pleased to announce that Florent Thoumie has accepted the challenge of being a portmgr member. Florent has been with the project for a long time and is one of our most active committers. Amongst other things, he was one of the people that worked on the complete overhaul of the X11 infrastructure with the Xorg 7.2 upgrade.
He will join the other portmgr members on integrating infrastructure patches and quality assurance in addition to other portmgr tasks.

Wish him luck!

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95. Belgian pale ale

3,8kg Pale ale malt
250g Munich II
170g CaraMunich I

Mash for 60 min at 67°C

38g East Kent Goldings (5,6% alpha) for 60 min
14g Saaz (3,8% alpha) for 40 min
14g Saaz (3,8% alpha) for 15 min

WLP500 White Labs Trappist Ale yeast
OG: 1.034 (8,5 brix)
FG: 1.005 (4,0 brix)
3,9% ABV

21/5 bottled with 107g sugar

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Ode to chipotle

I suddenly remember I still had some chipotle leftovers, so time to put them in a dish I learned from Jan Chrillesen some time ago: Pastel de Choclo (spanish).
ChipotlePastel de ChocloPastel de Choclo

Pastel de Choclo is a south american dish based on corn, so far all the recipes agree, after that it can be made in a variety of ways. I use the a variety with lots of beef and chicken. Oh and corn. But the best part of it, as Jan showed me, was to add some chipotle chili. The smoky flavours of the chipotle go well with the corn and the beef. So find yourself a recipe, there are plenty of them ot there, like this one, get some chipotle and enjoy!

PS: don’t forget to mash up the corn like I did this time, it won’t be a nice pie like it’s supposed to, but will still taste great.

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