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Month: June 2004

9. I.P.A.

5 kg. Pale Ale malt EBC 5,5 – 7,5
500 gr. Cara-hell EBC 20 – 30
400 gr. Cara Munich EBC 80 – 100
Mash for 90 min. at 66°C and 10 min. at 76°C

Challenger 7% 50 gr. 90 min.
Challenger 7% 35 gr. 30 min.
Challenger 7% 20 gr. 15 min.
Challenger 7% 10 gr. 5 min.
Yeast: DCL Safale S-04 dried yeast (top fermention)
Temperature: 20°C
OG: 1.069
Volume: 19L
Sunday July 4th
Racked to another fermenter:

Temperature: 20°C
FG: 1.011
Tuesday July 20th
Bottled (pictures)

Temperature: 20°C
FG: 1.012
12x 0,50L plastic bottles
2x 0,25L blue glass bottles
9x 0,50L Grolsch
7x 0,50L
14x 0,33L

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8. Hefe Weize

Based on “Min første Hefe-weizen” from Brygladen.

4 kg. liquid Weyermann Hefe-weizen extract
30 gram Hallertau Hersbrücker hops
Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephaner
Started the yeast on Thursday (June 3rd). Found out that the packet had ruptured on Saturday morning, so started a new starter on a bit of extract in 1 liter of boiled water with a handful of hops.

Sunday June 6th
Bring 15 liters of water to boil and add the extract. Add the hops when the water boils and leave boiling for 1 hour. Cool to below 30°C and add the yeast. Pour into fermenter.

Temperature: 27°C
OG: 1.050
Sunday June 13th
Racked to another fermenter. (Pictures).

Temperature: 20°C
FG: 1.027
Heavy banana taste
Sunday June 27th

7x 0,33L
8x 0,45L
21x 0,50L
7x 0,75L
Temperature: 20°C
FG: 1.007
Less heavy banana taste, though still pronounced.

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