CVSROOT/modules obsoleted

After years of frustration voiced by many committers over time, Pav finally put the word out to remove CVSROOT/modules. It only adds a shorthand for checking out ports, so only the port name needs to be typed and not the full path, i.e. ports/$category/$portname. However, this can be easily achieved by a short shellscript (for other committers, see ~erwin/bin/coport on freefall for an example), and it takes quite an effort to maintain the modules file, as you can guess from its revision number of 1.20060. I would know, for some time I’ve been running a nightly script to check if all entries are done right and/or are missing and informing committers if anything is amiss. Thus, after considering the cost vs. benefit, I have emptied the file and edited addport/rmport to no longer edit it. Adding a new port was never this easy.

Oh, and it’s not every day you got to commit to a file and remove over 18.000 lines from it. Yay!

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