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Month: January 2010

ports feature freeze starts in February 8

In preparation for 7.3-RELEASE, the ports tree will be in feature freeze after release candidate 1 (RC1 )is released, currently planned for February 8.
If you have any commits with high impact planned, get them in the tree before then and if they require an experimental build, have a request for one in portmgr hands within the next few days.

Note that this again will be a feature freeze and not a full freeze. Normal upgrade, new ports, and changes that only affect other branches will be allowed without prior approval but with the extra Feature safe: yes tag in the commit message. Any commit that is sweeping, i.e. touches a large number of ports, infrastructural changes, commits to ports with unusually high number of dependencies, and any other commit that requires the rebuilding of many packages will not be allowed without prior explicit approval from portmgr after that date.

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113. English Brown Ale

4,5kg Maris Otter
450g Special Roast
230g Crystal (40L)
230g Melanoidin malt
120g Chocolate malt (400 EBC)

Mash for 60 min @68°C

50g East Kent Goldings for 60 min
20g East Kent Goldings for 5 min

White Labs WLP037 Yorkshire Square yeast
OG: 1.055 (13,2 °brix)
FG: 1.015 (7,7 °brix)
5,3% ABV

Bottled on April 5 with 80g dextrose.

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