Monthly Archives: October 2007

8-CURRENT and tinderbox

Currently, the 2.x branch of tinderbox doesn’t support 8-CURRENT. marcus added support for it in the HEAD branch, and from that, it looks like a patch to rawenv just like tinderbox.env in HEAD makes ports build in 2.x as well. A new release is due any day now, but this might help if you can’t wait for that.
miwi just sent me the patches for 2.x, portbuild needs to be changed as well, so you’ll need: patch1 and patch2.

84. ESB

5,4kg Maris Otter
225g CaraHell
113g Crystal 120°L

Mash for 60 min. @ 66°C
pH 5,7 w/ 3ml lactic acid, 6 ml in sparge water

50g (East Kent) Goldings 5% alfa for 60 min.
5g “Klar urt” for 10 min.

WLP002 English Ale Yeast
OG: 14,1 brix (1.057)
FG: 6,9 brix (1.009)
27 IBU

Bottled December 1 with 107g corn sugar

New homepage for AaUUG

After several months of, ehm, “development”, the new homepage for our local Unix User Group AaUUG finally went live tonight. Based on WordPress, this will ease the maintaince by several hundred percent compared to the old site. Also, we now have an RSS feed, so please welcome us to the Web 2.0 era.
A very big thanks to Brix for taking care of the old, and converting to the new site!