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2. Coopers Stout

20040118: Coopers Stout


Coopers Stout Extract, best before 18.07.05
– 14pm: Sanitise in normal household bleach
– 15:10 Start a yeast starter
– 16:00 Mix extract, 3/4 kg white suger, 1/4 kg brown sugar
– 16:30 Mix finished: OG 1.040, temp: 24C

– 16:00 Temperature has been stable the last few day
around 23C.
No bubbles in the airlock, but a lot of froth on top looking throught the airlock

– 10:00 Temperature has been going down for the last two weeks until a little over 20 today.
FG: 1011
1 Christoffel 2L
22 danish bottles .33L
6 dutch bottles .30L
3 Hancock .75L
8 Coopers .75L
7 misc. english .5L

The dutch bottle were primed with the last of the Coopers pills, the other bottles with approx. 1 teaspoon (6g) per .75L (very approx. for the smaller bottles) of Corn sugar (HopShop)
A lot of foam while bottling, small bubbles typical for a stout-like beer.

– 12:30 Moved from office to storage. Office was approx. 22 C.