Vietnam 01: Ho Chi Minh City

Time for the for the spam broadcast again. This time from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. After a long, but quite uneventful flight we arrived here yesterday morning. Nor any problems with emigration and there was a taxi waiting for us at the airport, so finding the hotel wasn’t any problem either. So far, so good, but nothing to report. After a quick shower at the hotel, Fin came to pick us up for some lunch. The soup is very good here (I also had some for breakfast this morning, I’m going to to miss that when I get home). After that we went for a walk in the city center. If was fine just following Fin, after getting up at 4am to catch the first plane and then “sleeping” on the plane, all I could manage was hobbling behind our local guide and being sure that he could find the way back to the hotel, because I had no idea where we went ;-) Looking at a map this morning and walking around a bit on our own, I’m sure we’ll get the hang of it just before we leave the city again. Traffic is manageable in HCMC, although we haven’t tried rush hour yet. The city is overcrowded with the few millons of motorbikes, but crossing the road is easy. Just jump in front and they usually try to avoid hitting you. Your mileage may very ;) Nothing much to report on the local beer either. Of course, if you really want and look for it, Heineken and Carlsberg is available, if you want to pay extra. Local beer uses rice additions, but it’s cheap and refreshing in this weather. Anyway, time for some more walking, hopefully we can find our way to the botanical gardens and Saigon River. Oh, and a cold Saigon beer or two.

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