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Month: January 2005

20. VM Indian Fusk Ale

4,5kg Plsner malt
1kg Munich Type 2
500g CaraMunich
500g wheat malt (pale)

Mash at 68°C for 75 min.

40g Northern Brewer for 90 min.
50g Cascade for 40 min.
40g Fuggles for 10. min
40g Cascade for 10 min.

SafAle S-04
Primary: 7 days @ 22°C
Secondary: 10 days @ 22°C

OG: 1.062 (20L)
FG: 1.014

Dry hop with 20g East Kent Goldings for 3 days

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19. VM Oktoberfest

5kg Munich Type 2
600g Pale Ale
500g Wheat malt (pale)

Mash at 67C for 60 min. in 16L

60g Saaz 3.0% 90 min
20g Saaz 3.0% 30 min
20g Saaz 3.0% 10 min

SafLager S-23

OG: 1.067
FG: 1.012


primary: 8 days @ 13C
secundary: 6 days @ 13C

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18. Oktoberfest (decoction by Thomas Eibner)


2.5kg Vienna
2.5kg Munich Type 1
1kg Munich Type 2
0.5kg Wheat malt (pale)

Start volume 15L
Protein rest: 10 min. @ 50C
7kg malt to 65C, stove was a bit slow, so skipped 10 min. rest and went directly on to boiling @ 100C. Return to rest of the mash and kept at 67C for 80 min. Up to 77C and keep for 10 min.

85g Hallertau 2.8% for 60 min.

WYeast 1007 German ale

OG: 1.060
FG: 1.004


Primary: 7 days @ 17°C
Secundary: 7 days @ 17°C

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17. Wallaby Nano Wheat

1.5kg Pale Ale
1kg Munich Type 2
2.5kg Wheat malt (pale)

Mash: 67C for 60 min.

30g Hallertau 60 min 2.8%
15g Hallertau 5 min 2.8%

SafAle K-97

5 days @ 22C
9 days @ 22C

OG: 1.043
FG: 1.007

January 22:
Primed with 91g corn sugar

Very nice, maybe a bit more body and some more estery taste, but very good as it is.

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16. Extra Fusk Bitter

3,5kg Pale Ale
500g Munich Type 2
500g Cara Munich

Mash: 70C for 60 min.

20g Target 60 min. 10.4%
20g E.K. Goldings 30 min. 5.2%
10g E.K. Goldings 10 min. 5.2%

SafAle S-04

7 days at 22C
9 days at 22C

OG: 1.046
FG: 1.010

January 22:
Primed with 87g corn sugar

Nice fresh taste, not too heavy, but slightly bitter. Good for a weekday.

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