Monthly Archives: September 2006

New ports committer: Søren Straarup

One up for the danish world domination team! Please welcome Søren Straarup to the ranks of the ports committers. tmclaugh and garga thought it was time to punish him for his activity in irc and plenty of patches to python and windowmaker related ports. Wish him luck!

Ports freeze for 6.2 starts October 10

In preparation for the 6.2 release, the ports tree will be frozen from October 10. No commits will be allowed without explicit portmgr approval. We hope we can keep the freeze short and go into slush after one week. The tree will be completely unfrozen after the release is announced. For the full schedule, see the release schedule.

As always, only commit that fix existing breakage will be allowed during the freeze and we encourage everyone will help fix as many ports as possible for this release. For more information about what kinds of commits are allowed during which period, please see the portmgr policies webpage.

New ports committer: Stanislav Sedov

Just in time for the ports freeze, sem proposed to punish Stanislav Sedov for his many PRs, especially about ruby, ocaml and, if that isn’t enough, e17. Please welcome Stanislav to the ranks of the ports committers, and let’s hope he has enough patience during the freeze :)

New ports committer: Alexander Botero-Lowry

It’s been a while since the last new committer was added, but it’s that time of the year again, so please welcome Alexander Botero-Lowry to the ranks of the ports committers. Novel@ has been so kind to punish him for all his PRs and amongst other things. Unfortunately for Alexander, the ports freeze for the 6.2 release will soon be upon us, so he’s bound for a slow start. Wish him luck!

65. Evil Twin

Evil Twin
(Symergy, May/June 2006, pg. 35)

5,5kg Maris otter
450g CaraHell
450g Munich type 2
220g Melanoid
220g Crystall 130
25g Carafa dehusked type 2

Mash for 60 min @ 68°C

Boil for 90 min.
10g centennial for 20 min.
15g amarillo for 20 min.
25g centennial for 20 min.
30g amarillo for 20 min.
25g centennial for 0 min.
30g amarillo for 0 min.

WLP060 American ale blend
OG: 15,6 brix (1,064)
FG: 8,8 brix (1,017)

Racked: 16/9
Bottled: 1/10

64. Cactus ale

3,6kg Muntons Maris Otter
220g Cara-Munich
220g Munich type II
220g Light crystal

Mash for 60 min @ 68°C

30g Northern brewer for 60 min.
20g Centennial for 15 min.
20g Centennial for 1 min.

WLP060 American Ale Blend
OG: 10,2 brix (1.051)
FG: 5,9 brix (1,006)

Racked: 8/9
Bottled: 8/10