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Month: November 2005

Home sweet home

Finally back from EuroBSDCon in Basel, Switserland. It was a great conference, lots of good talks and lots of socializing ;) Basel itself is quite a nice town, especially the old center and the river, but it’s even more expensive than Denmark. The flights today went pretty smoothly, so I was home little over 4 hours after flying out of Basel to find not much snail mail, but a huge amount of email and it’s only been 5 days while I stilled checked the most important stuff during the conference. Tomorrow it’s back to work, through the snow.

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FreeBSD ports BOF at EuroBSDCon

It’s been quite a busy week with amongst others a meeting in our local UUG and the first “julefrokost” this weekend at the other side of the country. Right now, I’m just waiting for the bus to the airport on my way to this years EuroBSDCon in Basel, CH. Like last year, there will be a BOF on FreeBSD ports. If you have something to discuss or just are interested in hearing the discussion, see the wiki page on the BOF for more information. See you all there!

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52. XXX Ale

7,5kg Fawcett Maris Otter

Mash for 90 min. @ 68°C

175g East Kent Goldings 6,4% for 60 min.

1026 WYeast British Cask Ale
OG: 18,3 brix (1.075)
11 EBC
81 IBU

Added 1 tsp. Burton water salts and no pH adjustment.
Based on Belhaven1871 (Old English)

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No, not XXX as in the top-level domain .xxx, but the old english term for a strong ale. Again a recipe based on a recipe from Old English Beers and how to make them (last on page) and brewed only from Fawcett Maris Otter malt and East Kent Goldings hops, this will be a strong beer of 7,5% vol. alcohol and lots of bitterness (81 IBU). More.

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