Google works in mysterious ways

SSLUUG/DKUUG had arranged to get Ole Tange, a dane working for Google, to do a presentation about Linux and Google. Christian Laursen was quick to his mail and managed to set up the same presentation for AaUUG and even found a big enough room for it on very short notice.

Unfortunately, shortly after the presentation was announced, it had to be cancelled because the legal department at Google hadn’t sanctioned it (yet). Google works in mysterious ways… Of course, I really like what they are doing with the Summer of Code, but with all the work Yahoo! has done for FreeBSD, I’m more and more thinking that Simon is right. Of course we all know that Google is slowly but certainly working behind the scenes on building a do-no-evil empire with all the new features they add just about every second day. Hey, what are those black helicopters doing outsiNOCARRIER

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