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Month: December 2006

67. Alten Fusk


3kg pilsner malt
3kg munich type II

mash for 60 min @ 67°C
pH 5.0

60g Spalt Select for 60 min.
30g Northern Brewer for 60 min.

WLP011 European Lager

OG: 15,0 brix
FG: ?

racket 7/1
bottled 21/1

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After an uneventful flight on fully booked (we were only 16 on the way down) on a Fokker 100 from Amsterdam, we arrived on schedule at Billund Airport. Even though Billund is a small airport and our small plane was the only one arriving at the time, somehow it is still possible to misplace about two carts of luggage. After looking at an empty conveyor belt for about 10 minutes, I decided to look for someone at the lost+found desk. There was a clear look of “Oh no! Not again!” on her face when she saw the line of 30-40 people still around the conveyor belt. But after a bit of radioing, it was a “Oh yes! Again!” and it was all hands on deck at lost+found.

After getting my claim form filled out, I went past an obviously suprised customs officer, who clearly did not expect anyone going through customs after hanging around bagage claim for half an hour with only a laptop and a bottle of Coal Ila (who would need more than those two, anyway? :-) ). After another 20 minutes, the bus arrived and while I was putting away my coat in the bus, my phone rang. She had found my suitcase. Somehow, the luggage handlers had overlooked a compartment in the plane or misplace a couple of carts, but the luggage was all there and not still in Amsterdam. She even came out to the bus with my suitcase. By far the best service, ever! Thank you very much! I certainly hope we can have that cake you mentioned, someday ;-)

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New ports committer: Gábor Kövesdán

Gábor has been working for some time on our ports collection, especially working on the ports infrastructure during his Google Summer of Code project this summer.  His biggest mistake was to keep working and lately has been cleaning up a lot in old and abandoned projects to deprecate those ports so that they can either get the attention they need from a new maintainer that can find where the project has moved, or be removed from the ports tree.  All his work has now been punished with a ports commit bit and to make matters worse, I’m his mentor.  He’ll need all the luck he can get!

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