Monthly Archives: July 2008

98. Mild

3,5kg Maris Otter
230g Crystal 60L
170g Crystal 120L
110g Pale Chocolate 400L
60g Black patent 985L

Mash for 60 min @ 68°C
pH 5,6
4ml lactic acid in mash, 6ml in sparge water

25g East Kent Golding (5,6% alpha) for 60 min.

OG: 1.029 (7,2 brix)
FG: 1.005 (3,5 brix)
3,2% ABV

Bottled September 1 with 105g beet sugar

New ports committer: Robert Noland

Renato Botelho found yet another very active submitter and applied the usual punishment. Please welcome Robert Noland to the ranks of the ports committers!

97. American IPA

6kg pale ale malt
450g CaraHell
340g Munich II
110g Crystal 60L

Mash for 60 min @ 65°C

80g Challanger (7,5% alpha) for 60 min.
20g Centennial (11% alpha) for 10 min.
28g Simcoe (12,2% alpha) for 5 min.
28g Amarillo for 0 min.

White Labs WLP001 California Ale Yeast
OG: 14,5°brix (1.059)
FG: 7,8°brix (1.013)

Bottled August 10 with 130g sugar

New ports committer: Philip M. Gollucci

Philip has been working on apache for a long time and has been increasingly interesting in FreeBSD as well. Marcelo Araujo finally stepped in and made him commit his own patches. Philip is going to be a great addition to our ports team!

Quiet on the blog

As you probably have noticed, it’s been pretty quiet around here. At least, on the blog, not in that crazy thing called Real Life[tm]. After the last post about BSDCan, I moved from my apartment downtown to a small house in the suburbs, went on a team building trip with my coworkers on Tunø, a small island nearby, and went for the yearly Cisco Live conference, this year in Orlando, Florida, and while I was on that side of the pond anyway, I also spent the week before the conference at Mark Linimons place in Austin, Texas, where I had some time to work on FreeBSD some more and shrink my TODO list a bit, and also go to a James McMurty concert. So please, don’t ask me why I didn’t write anything here.

CVSROOT/modules is back. With a twist.

After removing CVSROOT/modules, all hell broke loose. A few committer still used it as a shorthand for checking out ports and saving a few keystrokes. Edwin Groothuis offered to write a script that would update the file once a day and generate it from INDEX. This will keep everybody happy, as the file is still there to use, but it no longer needs to be manually maintained, and the code does not need to be added again to the addport/rmport scripts after I edited them. This should have been done years ago, but there you have it. Thanks a lot to Edwin for writing the automation script!

96. American Pale Ale

5,1kg Pale ale
85g Crystal 40°L
230g Wheat malt

pH 5,5 after 3ml lactic acid
6ml in sparge water

Mash for 60 min. @ 67°C

50g Williamette (6,6% alpha) for 60 min.
10g Centennial (11,0% alpha) for 10 min.
15g Cascade (4,9% alpha) for 10 min.
15g Centennial for 0 min.
15g Cascade for 0 min.

OG: 1,048 (11,8°brix)
FG: 1,008 (5,8°brix)
5,3% ABV

20/7: racked
28/7: bottled with 130g dextrose

New ports committer: Greg Larkin

Yet another guy that just keeps sending patches. At least until now, when Beech Rintoul is starting to mentor him with his own commit bit. Welcome aboard!