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96. American Pale Ale

5,1kg Pale ale
85g Crystal 40°L
230g Wheat malt

pH 5,5 after 3ml lactic acid
6ml in sparge water

Mash for 60 min. @ 67°C

50g Williamette (6,6% alpha) for 60 min.
10g Centennial (11,0% alpha) for 10 min.
15g Cascade (4,9% alpha) for 10 min.
15g Centennial for 0 min.
15g Cascade for 0 min.

OG: 1,048 (11,8°brix)
FG: 1,008 (5,8°brix)
5,3% ABV

20/7: racked
28/7: bottled with 130g dextrose

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