bsnmpd HOST-RESOURCES-MIB for RELENG_6 and amd64

Although, it most definately is winter in the nothern hemisphere, some of the Summer of Code projects are still producing valuable code. Today, harti committed code from Victor Crucerus project that converted the host-resources-mib from using libdisk to libgeom, which was also keeping it from working on the amd64 architecture. So I upgraded simons amd64 box, which also runs a ports tinderbox to todays -CURRENT to test this. It works out-of-the-box, so I reverted the patch that prevented hostres from building by default on amd64. But more importantly, we now have graphs of CPU and memory usage of the tinderbox :)

I also tested if the code worked on RELENG_6. Here I found a problem with the geom module that was renamed from g_md to geom_md, but this should be an easy fix. If the module was loaded by hand, the code just works like a charm.

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