BSDCan 2008

BSDCan 2008 is over again. As last year, I spent a few days in Montreal doing some siteseeing. Mark Linimon and Adrian Chadd joined me there, and some miles were walked and some beers were consumed. On Wednesday, we drove off to Ottawa. Somehow, Google Maps managed to send us to the wrong university at the exact opposite side of the city, so we had some more siteseeing there.
For the first two days, we held a FreeBSD DevSummit with talks in the mornings and informal meetings during the afternoons. I managed to corner some people about several issues that are much easier resolved in person (or even over a beer), which was one of my primary reasons of being there. The next two days was the conference itself with several interesting talks. Only a few people turned up for the FreeBSD ports BOF I held, but they did go home with some helpful hints.
After that, it was heading back, but that’s a separate post altogether…
Did I mention there are some pictures as well?

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