Malt roasting

Today is the day to try something new. The only amber malt I have, is from the maltsters at Fawcett, which has a really strong taste. A recipy I found in “Old English Beers and How To Brew Them” uses 17% amber malt and 83% pale malt. The amber malt from Fawcett in that quantity is just going to block out any other taste, so I want to use something else. The same book has some guidelines on how to roast your own malt, so I gave it a spin. I put 1kg of Weyermann pale malt on a plate about 1cm thick and put it in the oven with the fan on, to dry out the malt a bit quicker. I kept it at 110°C for 20 minutes and another 45 min. at 150°C. See the difference. I should do this some more, if not only for the wonderfull smell that spreads thought the house

I’m also going to rack the pale ale I brewed last week. As I have about 6g of Amarillo hops left, I’m going to rack it into two containers and add the hops to one of them and see how much difference a bit of dry hopping with Amarillo will have on the final beer.

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