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87. Hop Hammer

Based on the Imperial IPA recipe Hop Hammer from Jamil Zanisheff which in turn is based on Russian Rivers Pliny the Elder. I wasn’t able to get my hands on a bottle when I was in Austin, TX, so I had to brew it myself. Thanks to Vinnie Cilurzo, brewmaster at Russian River, for sharing his recipe.

7kg Pale ale malt
200g Crystal 60°L
230g Pale wheat malt

Mash in with 18L @ 60°C
60 min @ 66°C
no mash out

Boil for 90 min. volume 29L, 14,7 brix (1.060)
Add 680g glucose

50g Centennial (11,0% alpha) for 90 min
80g Nugget (10,5% alpha) for 90 min
90g Chinook (12,8% alpha) for 90 min
28g Simcoe (13,5% alpha) for 45 min
28g Nugget (10,5% alpha) for 30 min
37g Simcoe for 0 min
65g Centennial for 0 min

Dry hop December 16
44g Simcoe
50g Centennial
92g Nugget

WhiteLabs WLP001 California Ale yeast
OG: 16,5 brix (1.068)
FG: 8,5 brix (1.012)
Bottled with 130g corn sugar December 30

Mmm, hops

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