EuroBSDCon 2007 and sightseeing Malmö

Last Friday and Saturday, it was time again for this years EuroBSDCon, this year closeby in Copenhagen. All the usual suspects were present and mingling occurred during the the hallway track. For me, the most notable talks were the TCP-to-SCTP Translation Shim Layer by Ryan Bickhart, which might make testing SCTP services more easy. Pawel had spiced his ZFS talk up a bit with some superheroes, leaving people laughing on the floor. And with technology progressing, we also had the first virtual presentation by Sam on video, who unfortunately had the flu and couldn’t make it. Luckily I don’t have to deal with monkeys chewing on cables every day :-)

Brix and me had taken my motorbike over and were staying at Morgans place in Malmö. The weather was very nice for the time of the year, so on Sunday we did some sightseeing around Malmö, including a ride in the old tram. Almost like a mini vacation walking around there. More pictures here.

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