Vietnam 03: Saigon 2

Back in Saigon after two days in the Mekong Delta. These was also the first days of tourist traps, but certainly not the last. The first day, there were times that you almost couldn’t spot the water from the boat due to the number of tourists around in other boats. The second day was very nice though, and relaxing in a boat going around the delta is not a bad way to spent a few days. Also a quick bicycle tour on one of the islands was good, although not quite the same exercise as an hour of spinning. In Saigon, the tourists are really concentrated in a small area, so if you know where they are, they are easy to avoid. For example, in the theme park there were not tourists whatsoever. Apart from a few couples taking pictures for their wedding, almost no vietnamese either. Gert-Jan wan a free ride in the rollercoaster though.The theme park also features a nice aquarium and a large garden, which was quite beautiful. The lights in the ice house was really awful though. Wait for the next batch of pictures. The first few days of pictures are already online here. On the way to the theme park, we decided to give the public transport a try. Why pay for a really, really expensive taxi drive of EUR 2-3 if there are busses for 20.000 dong, less then 1 danish crown or about 16 eurocents? Surprisingly, the drive was pretty fast and almost noone on the bus, so plenty of space. The only problem is finding the right bus or even finding out where the bus stop is. Today will be the last day in Saigon, so we’re off to say goodbye to Fin, who has been an excellent guide to Saigon. Tomorrow we start our journey to the north by flying to HoiAn and we’ll stay there for the next 3 days. From the sound of the other people we talked to on the tour today, a real tourist trap, but we can always read a book or two if it gets too bad Dinnertime!

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