What seemed impossible, has shown to be possible anyway. Somebody found a way of crawling from the 1st floor window in the staircase through my kitchenwindow. It must have happened somewhere last week, but I only noticed that a cakeform had fallen off the wall by the window, and attributed it to the wind. Nothing else seemed to be disturbed. I couldn’t find my GPS though, but as I had been playing with it some days before, I probably had left it in some pocket and forgot about it. Until today. I went for a better look, and noticed that my “safe” (a small fire resistent and locked box) was missing as well! Holy cow! That contains everything of value, passport, residence permit, cash from AaUUG, foreign cash, etc. etc. Also, my iPod, bluetooth headset, ancient Nokia 3210, and just about any gadget they could find are gone. Luckily, my new mobile phone, credit cards and such were in my pocket at work, so I still have those. Also, my new camera arrived the day after, so that’s still here as well. But the biggest issue is, that as they crawled through an open window on the 1st (american 2nd) floor, the insurance considers it theft and not a breakin, which means that almost nothing gets compensated. Back to work, I guess.

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