Bienvenue à Montréal

One keeps wondering what goes on in the heads of plane designers. After the trip to Uganda on a Boeing 777 with half my (non-existent) legspace taken by a big metal box for the onboard entertainmaint system, which I must admit was pretty nifty with several hundred movies on-demand, this time I had the same box on an MD-11, but without an entertainment system. I just heard that KLM is doing a trail where you can pay extra for extra legspace even in monkey class, that is emergency exits, etc., I wonder if they are going to give rebates for taking away legspace? But now I know to as for an F seat on my way back, no matter what type of plane.

After an otherwise uneventful flight and only an extra grilling at the canadian customs as travelling alone and not on business obviously is suspect a.k.a. terrorist, I was lucky to be looking out the right window of the bus as it drove past my hotel and turned into the parking lot behind the hotel where the busstation is located. That was too easy! The price: having Greyhound busses idling outside my window at all hours of the day. But then, with the 6 hour time difference, I was so tired they probably could have detonated a nuclear bomb outside without me noticing.

Next up: finding my camera and doing some sightseeing. Oh, and finishing my slides.

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