On how airlines differ

This latest trip across Europe, has been very interesting indeed, in several ways. Even though I’ve been flying quite a lot the last few years, I still can be surprised. Both positively and negatively. It had already been an ordeal to find one-way tickets. Of course, you can buy a one-way ticket, but somehow they’ll make you pay three times as much as for a return ticket. I’m failing to see the logic here.
Scandinavian Airlines, one of the best quality european airlines only a few years ago, is showing clear signs that they’ve learned from some of the american airlines on how not to save money. Prices may have dropped slightly to attract more customers, but customer experience has went right down the drain with it. Flights are now being overbooked that passengers are requested to wait for the next flight at the gate (for a minor compensation), seats somehow could be even more cramped than RyanAir or EasyJet, and a glass of water makes you EUR 3,00 lighter, although that gives you a whole half-liter bottle. Leaving my luggage in Copenhagen while I went on to Ã…rhus, certainly did not help on my mood after that. Dear luggage, hope to see you soon.
The good thing is, that arriving home without luggage late at night, makes you find any single points of failure in your morning routine. And I found one. Although I’m positive that I should have more than one comb, I cannot find it. Shopping to do.

All of this came on top of the rather pleasant flights with Czech Airlines and Alitalia. Free food and drinks on the plane, normal sized seats and even arriving half an hour early in Milano. Well done! I thank you for letting me fly Czech Airlines and I hope you’ll see me back on board soon.

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