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All hail xsltproc!

My site and also have for a long time beer running AxKit. AxKit turned into a major burden to keep running and when I changed from apache 1.3.x to 2.0.x, I even had to make pass it through mod_proxy to an apache 1.3.x that was running after that to keep it alive. I couldn’t get it to work with mod_perl2. After I had to reinstall koala, I didn’t want to install AxKit again. The original plan was to have a look at mod_xslt, but that was also only for apache 1.3.x, so not an option. The Brix recommended xsltproc from ports/textproc/libxslt. WOW! It just worked! Not one line of the XML or XSL stylesheet needed changing, it just worked. A quick 20 line Makefile to ease installing all the files in the right places, and now I can still edit my XML and just upload plain HTML files to the webserver. No overhead of running additional modules in apache. Nothing. It just works.

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