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Blog spamming

It seems flooding blogs with comments is the new trend in the spammers world. For the last week or two, I have been deleting some 50 or so posts per day, so I’m starting to get a nice list of trojaned sites.  The posts are coming from a large number of different IP addresses, so the conclusion must be that someone is trying to flog his warez through a botnet and getting his links in so many blog comments as possible. Unfortunately for him (or her), comments here are moderated, so they will be deleted before doing any harm. The Internet certainly isn’t what is used to be…


  1. erwin
    erwin May 17, 2006

    Thanks for the hint. I decided to go with SecureImage instead. Let’s see if this helps, and even more if people still will send comments. I already got 3 now I think :)

  2. Tim Bishop
    Tim Bishop May 17, 2006

    “instead”? I went with SecureImage too :-)

    And assuming this gets posted it’s working fine!

  3. erwin
    erwin May 17, 2006

    There’s also a filter called captcha, so from your comment I assumed you used that now, but your blog says SecureImage. Long live confusion! :)

  4. Tim Bishop
    Tim Bishop May 17, 2006

    I assumed (maybe wrongly?) that capatcha was a generic term for this kind of security mechanism :-)

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