New tinderbox on amd64

SiGNOUT had a couple of amd64 machines with an Opteron 244 1800Mhz CPU and 3Gb RAM that are not in use at his work. He allowed me to install the Marcuscom Tinderbox on it so now I have another tinderbox for testing ports to be committed. Unfortunatly, 4.11 isn’t supported on amd64, so I still have to test those on my old 1300Mhz Celeron.
I used some time to make it possible to share the tinderbox with other people. So far I found that the best way to do that, is to create multiple ports trees and thus multiple builds so all users can have a ports tree owned by their own UID to enable them to patch the ports they want to test. There must be an easier way to do this, I just haven’t found it yet. And haven’t written the patches either :-)
Another nice feature would be to put the work directories on a memory backed file system. With the 3Gb memory in this box, there’s plenty of space to speed up the builds that way.

  1. Be warned that certain common ports will need up to 2GB of workspace, say, xorg-libraries or high-on-dependencies gnome platform libraries…

    As for sharing the installation, for me works shell access to the box, so I can scp over the port-to-be-tested, and then a sudo’ed script that replaces the port with my version in the common portstree. Any user can then call /space/scripts/tc to add job to tinderd queue.

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