D.A.D. concert


Yesterday, one of the biggest danish rockbands D.A.D. played in town and I promised to lend a hand. As usual, D.A.D. put up a great show and I had about the best view one can get for the first half of the concert, just behind the scene, halfway up the rows of seats. I thought I’d only have to do the simple task of guarding a fire exit and make sure noone gets in or out, unless in case of fire of course, and keep an eye out for “real” trouble so I could call security or medics over the radio, I was in for a surprise. Of course, all volunteers on evening duty lend a hand with breaking down the podium. Anyway, after the concert was over just after midnight, there were only a mere 4 hours left of carrying lights, instruments, loudspeakers, etc. in the waiting trucks and breaking down the stage and whatever else needed to be done. On rare occasions you have to love changing from summer- to wintertime. At least I got one hour more sleep.

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