7. Oktoberfest

20040523: Märzen (Oktoberfest)

Based on Dan Temple’s Mad March Hare

My first all-grain, so let’s see how this goes.

Munich Malt Type 2 (20-25 EBC, Weyermann): 5kg
Pale Ale Malt: 1kg

20 L at 67 C for 65 min.

Sparkle with 5 L at 75 C (Note: more sparkle water next time)

Saaz 3% alpha: 60 gr for 90 min.
Saaz 3% alpha: 20 gr for 60 min. (*)
Saaz 3% alpha: 20 gr for 5 min.

) I found out there is a temperature dependend fuse int he power chord I was using which turned itself off which made the temperature drop to 65 C. I therefore gave it 30 min. extra,
although the worth made it to cooking temperature after.

DCL S-04 Dried Ale Yeast.
Filled fermentor to 23L with tap water.
Temperature 22 C
OG: 1.050

Bottled, added 100g sugar:
5x Coopers plastic 0.75L
13x Grolsch 0.45L
1x Hancock 0.75L
19x 0,33L

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