Ports freeze schedule for FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE

Below is the tentative schedule for the ports freeze in preparation for 8.0-RELEASE. If any major delays occur in the overall release schedule, the dates may be postponed, but please start preparing to have your changed committed to the tree before August 17 to ensure they are included in the release. Also, portmgr kindly asks anyone who has anything major lined up to already from today start mailing portmgr about these so we know what to expect and not be surprised by any major fallout that might extend the short freeze we have planned.

August 17: ports tree is frozen and package build begin
August 24: ports tree is thawed and final package builds begin
August 31: FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE is released and ports tree is unfrozen

  1. As many have noticed, there have been some delays in the release schedule. Current estimation is a delay of 4 weeks, which puts the new expectd date of the ports freeze at September 14.

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