FreeBSD ISO download statistics

I decided today that I could do with a day without sightseeing and it was time for some good oldfashioned hacking. I’ve been wanting to graph the downloads from the FreeBSD mirror I’m administrating for some time, but never found the time. Today was a good day to do something about that.

The most significant, and easy to quantify, data is the number of installation disc downloads, so I wrote a quick and dirty logfile parser to filter out the disc1 isos. Quite a large number of downloads are aborted or cancelled halfway, so they needed to be filtered out. There still seems to be an issue with the data from some 10 weeks back seemed really glad to graph data per second and my measurements are only once a day, they were a factor 86400 off. Changing datatypes from absolute to gauge fixed this, so I’m happy to let this run while I’m off to Sydney at 5am tomorrow.

  1. How did you count “completed downloads”?

    Did you count only downloads that were completed without a resume?

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