79. Dampfbier

3,1kg Danish pilsner malt
1,4kg Munich malt 20L

Mash for 60 min between 65,0 ad 76,0°C
2ml lactic acid in mash (pH 5,8)
6ml in sparge water

60 min boil.
50g 2,8% Hallertauer Hersbrucker for 45 min.
25g Hallertauer Hersbrucker for 0 min.

WLP300 Hefeweizen Ale Yeast
OG: 11,9 brix (1.048)
FG: 5,9 brix (1.008)

Bottled with 107g corn sugar 19/8.
Leaving the beer for over a month in the primary fermenter had the yeast settle out completely to the bottem leaving a very clear beer on top.

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