72. Patrick Henry Pale Ale

BYO March 2006 pg. 35

4,84kg maris otter
220g Crystal (40°L)
57g Crystal (60°L)
3,5g Carafa II special

3ml lactic acid in mash, ph ~5.0
6ml lactic acid in sparge water

17g Chinook 60 min
7,8g Simcoe 60 min
25g Amarillo 15 min
17g Cascade 0 min
7g Amarillo 0 min

WLP001 Californian Ale
OG: 10,8 brix (1.043)
FG: 5,5 brix (1.009)

Bottled 29/4 with 89g glucose in ~200ml of boiled water
Note: not racked to secondary

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