61. Dampfbier

BYO jul-aug 2006 pg. 19

3,1kg Danish pilsner malt
1,4kg Munich Type II

Mash for 1 hour at 70,8°C

Boil for 1 hour
50g Hallertau 2,8% alpha for 45 min.
25g Hallertau 2,8% alpha for 0 min.

WYeast 3068
OG: 12.2 brix (1.049)
FG: 7.0 brix (1.014)
Racked: August 8
Bottled: August 20

The filter in the bottom of the kettle came off during cooling. Fixing this let to at least 30 min. longer for the hops to remain in the hot liquid and quite some oxidation as well.

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