New patch set

While we’re still waiting for to compile in the last run, linimon compiled the next set of patches for testing on pointyhat. This will also include the first results of the Summer of Code project on the ports infrastructure. The following patches are scheduled for testing:
89398: [PATCH] and patches
92445: current-us [patch] change all bogus uses of BROKEN to IGNORE
93601: new feature: make missing
98105: new feature: IA32_BINARY_PORT macro
98206: – whitespace and CHECKSUM_ALGO fix
98565: Add PKGVERSION to
98731: add to Mk/
98891: Fix DESKTOP_ENTRIES processing on 4.x
99370: USE_LDCONFIG fails installation for non-default prefix

  1. 93601 is something I have been doing locally for years, sweet.

    98105 is hmm. I like the way it checks kernel support. Can we also get USE_LINUX_KERNEL_BITS_ONLY, to go along with USE_LINUX? That would be useful.p

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