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4. Coopers Classic Old Dark Ale

Coopers Old Dark Extract
– 14pm: Sanitise in normal household bleach
– 14:10 Start a yeast starter
– 15:00 Mix extract, 1 kg white suger
– 15:30 Mix finished: OG 1.043, temp: 26C

– 8:45: Temperature fallen to 22C

– 13:00 Temperature 21C
FG: 1.005

– 19:00 Moved to kitchen to let yeast fall back
to the bottom before bottling.
Temperature 21C

– 14:00 FG 1.004
Added 180g corn sugar in approx. 1L of handluke water
and slowly stirred.
29 0.33 bottles
16 0.45 Grolsch bottles
6 0.75 Coopers plastic bottles

Taste is good, quite smooth and just a slight touch of yeast. The three week fermentation, leaving more time for secondary fermentation, is definately a good idea.

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3. Youngs Harvest Bitter

Youngs Harvest Bitter Extract, best before aug 05
– 11:00 Santise in normal household bleach
– 11:50 Start a yeast starter
– 12:00 Already a lot of activity in the yeast starter
Mix extract with 1kg of white sugar
OG: 1030
Temperature: 27 C
– 23:59 Temperature: 24 C

– 12:30 Temperature: 22 C
gravity 1014

– 11:00 Temperature: 21 C
Gravity 1008

Added 110g corn sugar in approx. half a liter of boiled water.
Slowly stir and left for 30 min.
30x 0,33L
4x 0,5L Urquell (green)
6x 0,75L Coopers plastic
1x 0,45L Grolsch

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2. Coopers Stout

20040118: Coopers Stout


Coopers Stout Extract, best before 18.07.05
– 14pm: Sanitise in normal household bleach
– 15:10 Start a yeast starter
– 16:00 Mix extract, 3/4 kg white suger, 1/4 kg brown sugar
– 16:30 Mix finished: OG 1.040, temp: 24C

– 16:00 Temperature has been stable the last few day
around 23C.
No bubbles in the airlock, but a lot of froth on top looking throught the airlock

– 10:00 Temperature has been going down for the last two weeks until a little over 20 today.
FG: 1011
1 Christoffel 2L
22 danish bottles .33L
6 dutch bottles .30L
3 Hancock .75L
8 Coopers .75L
7 misc. english .5L

The dutch bottle were primed with the last of the Coopers pills, the other bottles with approx. 1 teaspoon (6g) per .75L (very approx. for the smaller bottles) of Corn sugar (HopShop)
A lot of foam while bottling, small bubbles typical for a stout-like beer.

– 12:30 Moved from office to storage. Office was approx. 22 C.

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1. Coopers Lager

20031207: Coopers Australian Lager
– first try: Coopers Lager, following instructions and using the kit. No fancy stuff yet.
– Used approx. 3.5 L boiling water to get a temperature of about 26 C, this might be the winter outside so the cold tap water is pretty cold indeed.
– 5 pm: Fermenter was placed in the bathroom and the radiotor on IV, hope this is the right temperature
– 3 am: Moved the fermenter to the office and turned up the heat to the max.
Temperature was dropping below 22 C. Looks like it’s keeping up at a little above 22 C now, while it’s freezing outside. I really need a thermometer to measure room temperature before placing the fermenter somewhere.
– 16 pm: Temperature in the fermenter has risen to 24 C
– 8 am: Temperature has risen to 26 C, turned down radiator to IIII
– 17 pm: Temperature around 24 C
Gravity between 1.010 and 1.020, which is a bit too high, so let it be for at least a day. No bubles anymore. Soury taste.
– 17 pm: Gravity still around 1.015, not much change there, probably bottle tomorrow.
Taste actually more bitter than sour.
– 13 pm: Gravity down to 1.010. Color nice and yellow, a bit cloudy.
Temperature a little below 24 C
Tastes still a bit bitter and “something funny”, can’t really describe, what, maybe a bit flowry.
Bottle with Coopers carbonation drops, two per “Long neck” (750 ml) 73% Sugar, 27% glucose.
30 750ml bottles
– 12 pm: Temperature a little below 24 C
– 21pm: First bottle opened.
Nice golden honey colour. Good foam, but quickly disappearing.
Good bubbles though. Taste good, not as bitter anymore, and only slightly by-taste.

2004 january:
Tast improved, also better foam that stays longer.
A bit too gassy though.

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