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IPv6 and the Internet of Things

Usually, I post these small titbits of information on the modern “Social” media, but since Twitter is failing yet again, it might be a good time to dust of this good ol’ blog.

Geoff Huston of APNIC wrote yet another great article, this time about the adagio that the Internet of Things needs IPv6, and viceversa, that IoT is the killer App of IPv6. Do they really? Do read the whole article.

I do want to highlight one quote about NAT as a security feature:

All devices need to be paranoid. Trust is the outcome of negotiation, and obscurity is a lousy substitute for an effective security framework.

Indeed. NAT is not security, and security by obscurity has never helped anyone. Be paranoid. Assume the worst. It will only get better from there.

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Stepping down from portmgr

Almost to the day, 13 years ago I was elected as a voting member of portmgr, after several years as portmgr secretary. Time has come to take a break, knowing that I leave the ports infrastructure in good hands of the current team. Over the years, many things have changed. I’m especially glad to see how easy it has become to maintain a FreeBSD system without compiling anything, with the new pkg(8) frontend and poudriere(8) backend, which is also used in the build cluster. There are still a lot of ideas for improvements, and I’m looking forward to see what the team will come up with.

For me, it’s time to focus on other areas. While you won’t see me as much in FreeBSD channels and conferences, you’ll meet me more often in DNS related fora within ICANN, CENTR, DNS-OARC, and IETF.

It’s been, and still is, a great pleasure to be part of the FreeSBD community of portmgr, committers, and contributors, and I promise to no be a stranger. Safe winds!

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