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Category: FreeBSD

Rambling related to the FreeBSD project

Murphy and disks

It must be release time again and Murphy is shakes his ugly head. This weekend, beastie (running the danish half of lost a disk. This shouldn’t be a problem in itself, and the hotspare disk took over, so about a day after all was well again. Yesterday, I changed the disk and marked the new disk as the new hotspare. So far so good.

Just after I left the office, beastie rebooted spontaneously. Now the new hotspare disk suddenly turned up as a separate disk and the RAID set was recognized under a new device name and thus could not be found at it’s original location and the boot bailed out. And now Murphy really does his trick. After rectifying this in the RAID BIOS so the new hotspare really was a hotspare and not a disk, beastie booted and all seemed well…until…the RAID set had lost its disklabel and filesystem. Now there’s not much else to do then sync 0.5Tb data.

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New port maintainance tools

While the tree is in a slush for the 6.0 release, people start doing some spring cleaning. fenner got the portsurvey back up and worked out some of it’s bugs.
Together with linimon, he did a cleaning of
edwin created a version checker so maintainers have a simple webpage where their ports, that have a never version available, are listed.

Great tools for maintains to keep their ports up-to-date, so let’s all start using them!

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Two more new ports committers

My theory of aggregated port committers seems to hold. Again, two new ports commit bits were granted today. The first goes to Andrej Zverev, who will be mentored by sem, and the second goes to Emanuel Haupt, mentored by novel. Good luck to you all!

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Two new ports committer

Somehow, just like accidents, new ports committer proposals never come alone. Today, portmgr unanomously approved two new committers. First, there is Tom McLaughlin, mentored by ahze and mezz, and second we have Marcus Alves Grando, mentored by pav. Wish them luck!

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